01. The tsunami was [triggered] by an earthquake at sea.
02. Large price increases could [trigger] demands for even larger wage increases.
03. The assassination of the King [triggered] a war between the two countries.
04. The loss of the World Cup game [triggered] a wave of rioting by rival groups of fans.
05. Police are unsure as to who exactly pulled the [trigger] in the murder case.
06. His unpleasant remark [triggered] an argument that almost cost them their friendship.
07. Suddenly darting into the middle of the street could [trigger] a whole series of events.
08. The young boy pulled the [trigger], and the gun went off.
09. The avalanche was apparently [triggered] by an out-of-bounds skier.
10. If you apply pressure to this [trigger] point on the shoulder blade, it will help to release tension in the shoulders and neck.
11. The fight in the high school was apparently [triggered] by an incident in which one boy insulted another boy's girlfriend.
12. Collisions between galaxies [trigger] star formation and drive the galaxies to consume their gas and dust, creating new stars.
13. Research has shown that sex, angry outbursts, and strenuous tennis are among the [triggers] identified as responsible for 17 percent of all heart attacks.
14. Studies show that lack of water is the number one [trigger] of daytime fatigue for Americans.
15. The traffic accident was [triggered] by a cat that ran into the road in front of a car.
16. They have to keep their daughter away from cats because she is allergic to them, and their fur can [trigger] an attack of asthma.
17. In May of 1977, the United States, the Soviet Union and 29 other nations banned the use of artificial weather as a weapon of war, promising never to attack each other by [triggering] storms, earthquakes or tidal waves.
18. The policeman held his finger on the [trigger] of his gun as he approached the house.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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